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For hundreds of years, pipers have been playing at funerals all over the world.  Pipes are seen at private funerals right through to state funerals.  The haunting sound of the highland bagpipe is seen as a final tribute to a loved one as they are laid to rest.  All Alba Bagpiper have a wealth of experience piping at funerals and will provide that much deserved tribute to your loved one.

We can offer all of the following which can be tailored to your specific requirements

Service Only

(Includes Cremation, Church & Rest Home Services)

Pipe in front of the hearse as it drives away from a family home

Pipe at the entrance whilst mourners arrive to service

Pipe as the family car arrives

Pipe immediate family into service

Pipe whilst the coffin is carried into the service

Pipe the reflection song (Using small pipes if preferred)

Pipe at conclusion of service whilst mourners depart

Pipe the coffin out of the service

Pipe in front of the hearse as it drives away from service

Graveside Service

Pipe in front of the hearse leading to grave

Pipe as the coffin is carried to its final resting place

Pipe whilst coffin is lowered

At the conclusion of graveside service pipe final lament

Interment of Ashes

Pipe family & ashes to resting place

Pipe whilst ashes are lowered

At the conclusion, pipe final lament

Making a Booking


We understand planning a funeral for a loved one can feel overwhelming especially when trying to deal with grief.

For this reason, we have tried to make booking a piper a very simple process by providing an online booking form which allows you to be in full control and to do things at your own pace.

Our online form ask a set of questions which will assist your piper know exactly what is required of them.

You can choose the music you wish played and at what point during the funeral.

The form will automatically provide a total cost for your booking and gives you a couple of payment options.

If the funeral is for someone under 18 years of age, please click (Here)

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